Software Developer

With 12 years of experience.

Welcome to my website!

My name is George, I'm a Software Developer from Mexico and I have been developing software for almost 12 years.

I started as an ActionScript developer, coding websites and web apps using Flash Professional and Flex Builder. I then moved to desktop and mobile development using Adobe AIR, Apache Flex, Starling Framework and Feathers UI.

I always have been interested in cross platform development. I believe that software shouldn't be locked to one platform only. Nowadays I have been focusing on Python development. Which also allows me to deploy software to a great number of platforms with minimal code changes.

I'm mostly experienced in GUI development. Creating the right user experience is always an interesting challenge.

Through the years I have used several different UI frameworks, my favorite ones have been Apache Flex and Feathers UI. The high level of customizability and flexiblity they offer is rarely found in other UI frameworks.

Currently, I'm looking forward to use Flutter for commercial applications. This framework design philosophy aligns with mine. Creating GPU powered UIs that look and behave the same on all platforms.

Open Source projects have helped me a lot through my career. From frameworks to database systems, I have always found something that made me more productive.

That's why I open source all my personal projects, to help fellow developers learn from my experiences as I learned from others.

I also answer questions and give code examples on StackOverflow and Reddit.


Some of the services I'm highly skilled are the following.

Mobile Development

Responsive and multi device Android and iOS development with Adobe AIR, Apache Flex and the Feathers SDK.

Desktop Development

Windows, macOS and Linux development with Adobe AIr, Apache Flex, Feathers SDK, wxPython and Tkinter.

Selenium Automation

Scripts and bots that automate user behaviour using Selenium WebDriver, compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.


Reddit and Twitter bots for aiding in administrative and marketing tasks, deployed on VPS for uninterrumpted execution.

Database Administration

SQL and NoSQL schema design and management using Firebase, MongoDB, SQLite, MariaDB and MySQL.

Data Mining

Data extraction using Web APIs and Web Scraping. Powered with multithreading and Proxy rotation when needed.


Through my career I have been specializing in GUI developmenf with custom backends and software that automates repetitive and tedious tasks.



I have selected the most popular and recent items that cover features that are often requested by clients.


In the last years I have worked with clients all over the world and have received great feedback from them.

Michelle L. - March 2018

George was very professional and completed his work quickly and right on time. We look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

John C. - February 2018

George is absolutely fantastic! We plan on working on more projects in the future. He communicated great, hit deadlines and problem solved around some tough software programming.

Tom C. - January 2018

George is smart and very considerate. He's a great pleasure to work with and a great coder!

Adam M. - December 2017

I can recommend George 100% for Selenium related tasks. Quick and very responsive.

Joe S. - October 2017

Really great experience working with George on this project. The man is a genius

Chris W. - September 2017

My suggestion is that if George is available for your work that you hire him without hesitation. George is quick, hard-working and honest. I do not know what else that you could want in hiring a freelancer. I would not hesitate in working with him again.

Drew T. - July 2017

George is very knowledgeable about python. He was able to help me not only understand how to get my script going but made the original script so much better than what we intended. Hire him, he's good! We'll ask him again.

Alex U. - Aug 2017

The best developer for this type of work, if you are looking for an expert in AS3, Starling, AIR, and much more... he is the one! Thanks George!

Lydia M. - May 2017

George was extremely prompt and went above and beyond in suggesting what more could be done with the project. Would definitely work with him again!


All projects costs are determined by time required and difficulty. Below are the prices of the most commonly requestes services.

Twitter or Reddit Bot

$99 usd

  • Database Integration to reduce spam
  • VPS Deployment
  • Full Python source code
  • Documentation and well commented code
  • Priority Email support
Selenium Automation

$199 usd

  • Proxy and User Agent rotation
  • Randomization and multithreading
  • Database Integration to reduce spam
  • VPS Deployment
  • Full Python source code
  • Documentation and well commented code
  • Priority Email support
Web Scraping or from API

$99 usd

  • Proxy and User Agent rotation
  • Randomization and multithreading
  • Data Cleanup
  • Data saved to SQL, JSON or CSV
  • VPS Deployment
  • Full Python source code
  • Documentation and well commented code
  • Priority Email support
Lead Generation (min 1000 leads)

$0.01 usd/lead

  • Address, Phone Number and Email Address (when available)
  • Data cleaned from duplicates
  • Data saved to SQL, JSON or CSV
  • Priority Email support